Vodafone Qatar signs three-year deal with Padel In

Vodafone Qatar has announced a new partnership with Padel In to become its exclusive telecom partner. The partnership will span three years and was finalised at a signing ceremony on National Sport Day. It is the latest development in the organisations’ long-running relationship and collaboration to promote and support the growth of padel in Qatar.
Since 2019, Vodafone has sponsored multiple padel tournaments, both with Padel In and with the Qatar Olympic Committee. As an exclusive telecom partner for Padel In, Vodafone will provide premium connectivity services that fulfil the connectivity needs of the arena, along with supporting the live streaming of the tournaments and events taking place at Padel In over the next three years.
These tournaments and events will include the likes of National Sport Day, Qatar National Day, a Ramadan tournament along the biannual Vodafone Tournament, to name a few. Besides the local tournaments, Vodafone and Padel In have partnered to host international tournaments such as Rise, which Vodafone has sponsored over the past two years.
Vodafone Qatar Chief Operating Officer Diego Camberos said, “Championing sports and supporting new initiatives in Qatar is a key focus for us here at Vodafone. We believe in the importance of utilising technology and innovation in the sports sector to foster a healthier society and improve how we experience and participate in sports-related activities. Padel is the fastest growing sport in the country and in partnership with Padel In, together we can elevate the game to a higher level to promote a more active lifestyle for everyone in Qatar.”
Padel In is a leader in the padel industry in Qatar and runs one of the few indoor arenas in the country, covering 10 courts in Aspire, three in Al Khor and five in Sealine. Courts are open to all residents in Qatar, and some are dedicated solely to female players. The Padel In arena also hosts training facilities and a recreation centre.