Sheikh Faisal meets with Mozambique’s Prez Jacinto Nyusi

Mozambique President Felipe Jacinto Nyusi called on Qatari investors to explore the investment opportunities in his country during his meeting with Qatari Businessmen Association (QBA) Chairman Sheikh Faisal bin Qassim Al Thani in Doha. Nyusi arrived in Doha recently and was one of the state heads who attended the sixth summit of the Gas Exporting Countries Forum, which concluded in Doha on Tuesday.
Sheikh Faisal highlighted the interest of Qatari businessmen in cooperating with their counterparts in Mozambique.
He also expressed his interest in learning more about the investment opportunities in Mozambique, stressing that the Qatari private sector was always looking forward to exploring new investment opportunities.
Nyusi expressed his happiness in visiting Qatar and learning about the Qatari investment climate closely. He called on Qatari investors to explore Mozambique and talked about the investment opportunities available in the fields of infrastructure, energy, gas, fisheries, transportation, agriculture, real estate development and mining. He also added that Mozambique has become an attractive destination to a lot of investors, thanks to the large amounts of oil and gas reserves, in addition to its reliance on agriculture as one of the leading industries.
At the end of the meeting, Sheikh Faisal expressed his interest in studying the market in Mozambique and the available investment opportunities, stressing out the importance of opening new markets and enhancing cooperation between both countries and building strong relations between them.
The volume of trade between Qatar and Mozambique amounted to about QR71 million in 2021.