QU to receive first batch of nursing students next year

Qatar University will receive the first batch of nursing students at the beginning of next year, and its new buildings will receive students as of the next academic year.
This was revealed by Qatar University President Dr Hassan bin Rashid Al Derham during a virtual meeting with the university students on Tuesday.
Regarding the future of distance education at the university after the pandemic, Dr Al Derham explained the importance of face-to-face education for students. He said the university has taken up virtual education as a solution to continue the learning process keeping in mind the current circumstances. But despite that, the university administration tends to be face-to-face education. “We aim to provide same quality educational via distance learning,” he added.
Dr Al Derham said that the university’s strategy has many goals, including solving the observed problems in the educational process, such as the academic difficulties that Qatari students face in particular, and the attempt to reduce their graduation period.
Dr Al Derham added that one of the most important goals is to inculcate and promote the values of social responsibility, innovation, academic integrity and diversity and aiming to be a compass that guides the university student towards achieving his goals.
He said the administration is currently working to increase cafes and restaurants for boys students. He said kiosks will soon be opened in the yard of the boys building.
Regarding the traffic issues that students face, he said the university is studying to find solutions for that as well, urging the students to take advantage of their time on campus to benefit from the research programmes and grants offered by the university. He asked the students to work hard to achieve a better future.