QLM is official insurer of Generation Amazing Festival 2021

QLM Life and Medical Insurance Company QPSC, a Qatari shareholding market leader in its industry, upheld the country’s sustainable progress by fully supporting the Generation Amazing Festival 2021.
Ahmad Mohamed Zebeib, Deputy CEO of QLM, commended the festival’s societal role in developing the youth through football which transcends beyond sport by providing opportunity for dialogue and convergence of people from different cultures as it waves the theme, “All in.”
The festival lined up various activities which ended on December 18, 2021 with the participation of delegates from 16 Arab countries whose teams competed in the first ever FIFA Arab Cup 2021 hosted by Qatar.
The grand event showcased the most prominent achievements of the Generation Amazing in transforming the youth into better citizens holistically.
Zebeib further stressed that QLM will continue to be in synergy with the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy in the upcoming events aligned with Qatar’s full blast preparation to also host the most awaited World Cup 2022.
QLM’s participation has been driven by its commitment towards corporate social responsibility and epitomises its dedication to providing opportunities for people to embrace sport and physical activity, to live healthy and active lifestyles, and to interact with each other. The youth who participated in the programme has benefited out from the festival agenda as it has featured unique cultural, networking and celebratory activities.