QIIB named best bank in Qatar for credit card offers

The UK-based Global Economics has recognised the Qatar International Islamic Bank (QIIB) as the “Best Bank in Qatar for Credit Card Offers 2021”, in recognition of the bank’s leadership, quality of its services, and its ability to effectively face intense competition in the local market.
The honour was bestowed upon QIIB during a ceremony organised by the Global Economics recently to distribute its annual awards in the presence of several dignitaries including senior representatives of the banking and business sectors from various countries.
The Global Economics based its decision to award QIIB ‘Best Bank in Qatar for Credit Card Offers 2021’on the fact that QIIB is a leading bank in the State of Qatar with a distinguished share in the local market.
The Bank has achieved a great leap in card products, especially credit cards, and gained the trust of a wide range of customers.
Another reason behind The Global Economics’ decision to grant QIIB the award, has been based on the fact that during 2021, QIIB launched several offers for credit card holders, which was met with a positive response and widespread satisfaction among customers. This has positive reflection in terms of an increase in the demand for such cards, and increased trust in the credit card product as a safe and acceptable method of payment, both locally and globally.
Apart from being a method of payment for commodities, QIIB credit cards have another added value, which is reflected in the numerous benefits and facilities that are available to customers once they obtain their cards.
Granting QIIB this award demonstrates the Bank’s exceptional development of various products, in particular its credit card products, which comes in line with its insight and planning to provide its credit card holders the best features and benefits in order to enhance their banking experience with numerous opportunities and fulfill their aspirations in terms of card payments.
QIIB Deputy Chief Executive Officer Jamal Al Jamal said, “We are pleased to receive recognition and appreciation for our various products, especially in the credit cards’ segment. This recognition is paramount to us as it reflects our hard work to provide our customers with the best, most credible and innovative features in the banking market.”
“There is no doubt that the competitive environment in which we work infuses the recognition and award that QIIB has received in the field of credit card offers. The bank’s team is making great efforts to ensure customer satisfaction and provide them with the best banking experience with great attention to detail and the provision of bespoke features and tailored products in order to meet their aspirations and needs, in line with the constant need for innovation and renewal.
“During the past period, QIIB achieved a major leap in its overall services, in particular card products, by launching cards that were of interest for a very wide segment of customers. It also launched corporate cards and supplemented these products by launching many offers that enhanced the chances of its cardholders to obtain many rewards and prizes. We will continue in this direction in the coming period.
“At QIIB, we thank The Global Economics for granting us this award and acknowledging the great efforts of the bank’s staff to ensure customer satisfaction. In fact, our customers deserve the praise and gratitude for their trust in and loyalty to the bank.”