QIIB honoured for its leading role in CSR

Qatar Corporate Social Responsibility Network has chosen QIIB as one among the most outstanding entities for its prominent role and various initiatives in serving the community. The bank was honoured at an annual ceremony held at Qatar University.
The event was held to honour corporate social responsibility leaders for the years 2020 and 2021.
In this regard, Omar Abdelaziz Al Meer, head (Business Development) at QIIB, received a commemorative shield from the President of Qatar University Hassan Rashid Al Derham.
“We, at QIIB, are pleased to be honoured at Qatar University; this prestigious organisation, which we recognise and which has significantly contributed to the path of higher education in the State and graduated notable competencies in different fields. We are also pleased that this honouring is specifically in the field of corporate social responsibility, which we consider one of the most important areas that should be given high priority,” said Omar Al Meer.
“QIIB realises the fact that societal partnerships between profitable entities and institutions and non-profitable institutions, which provide their services to society, are considered essential to promote development and ensure long-term commitment to programmes that have a quality impact on generations.
“We believe that corporate social responsibility is an organised act and a defined effort that includes various aspects. And as a bank, we see that our main role in serving our community is to provide high-quality Islamic banking products and services that meet the aspirations of various sections of the society and help them achieve their needs with the best terms and benefits possible.
“When developing our products and services, we take into consideration the society’s requirements and development needs, while paying special attention to small and medium enterprises, which are contributing considerably to sustainable growth as they benefit the largest segment of the society.
“QIIB is regularly contributing to various initiatives under CSR and has responded to many such initiatives in sports, health, or cultural events with different entities in the field of corporate social responsibility.”
Al Meer also expressed his thanks to the Qatar Social Responsibility Network and Qatar University for honouring QIIB, and wished success and good luck to the various programmes sponsored by the University.