QIB adds Bedaya student account onboarding to its feted Mobile App

Qatar Islamic Bank (QIB) has announced the integration of its Bedaya student account onboarding on the award winning QIB Mobile App. Bedaya is an initiative within the framework of the Bank’s Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Program, which provides university students the ability to open a unique bank account digitally, along with a preapproved Credit Card. It also enables students to start using and getting acquainted to a spectrum of banking products and services.
The new digital onboarding process is a unique service, which allows all university students above 18 years old in Qatar to manage their finances independently and start a relationship with the Bank through the QIB Mobile App in a fast, simple, secure, and convenient way. QIB Bedaya Account offer students tailored banking products and services and the opportunity to control their finances on a daily basis.
As part of QIB’s ESG strategy, the launch of the Bedaya Account followed QIB’s introduction of its financial literacy program, called “How money works?” in 2018, which helps school and university students to learn how to manage money through budgeting, saving, and investing. This initiative supports the efforts in enhancing financial inclusion, as one of the main aspects to support the sustainable development goals (SDG) and enhance financial stability. QIB pays special attention to supporting the access by young people to digital financial services using digital channels, in addition to paying attention to digital community awareness and education.
Students can apply for the one-of-its-kind student Credit Card in Qatar for free, with a limit of QR3,000 for Qataris and QR2,000 for expats, which is an important first step towards responsible budgeting and spending. Catering to the lifestyle of young people, Bedaya account holders will also receive a complementary QIB-MyBook App subscription providing ‘Buy 1 get 1 Free’ offers from 500 different merchants in Qatar including restaurants, coffee shops, health and fitness clubs, hotels, and various other retailers. Students will also have access to the QIB digital channels and receive a free Debit Card after opening an account.
Students interested in applying for QIB Bedaya account have to download the QIB Mobile App and using digital identification technology, scan the required documents, take a selfie and provide a few personal details. Following quick real-time verifications, the account is open and student receives a welcome message, followed by SMS to visit the designated QIB branch to complete the onboarding process and activate the account.
To facilitate a seamless experience, the Bank has also introduced the new “Live Chat” feature as part of the onboarding process. This allows the students to directly get in touch with a QIB customer service representative if they have any queries or need further support at any time during the onboarding process.
D Anand General Manager, Personal Banking Group, said, “The young generation represents the bright future of the country and we at QIB aim to support their journey towards financial success. We also strive to introduce more digital products and services that will enhance our relationship with them and provide them with easier access to our banking products, services, and solutions. We are continuously accelerating the drive to digitization in the banking sector with new innovative products and services to move closer to our customers’ expectations.”
The QIB Mobile App features easy-to-use English and Arabic interfaces, secure and smart biometric login, self-registration, smart shortcuts, and a combo navigation panel that allows customers to find all the offered products and services in simple steps and get the help they need quickly within the App for a seamless and intuitive customized experience. All transactions can now be completed within a few steps and customers will reap the benefits of the advanced and secured data systems to avoid filling or re-entering pre-registered information.
To download the app, customers can visit the Apple Store or Google Play Store and Huawei Gallery and search for the keyword: QIB Mobile App. Customers can easily self-register using their debit card details. For more information, please visit www.qib.com.qa/en-mobileapp