Qatar stands ready to support partners around world in times of need: Kaabi

Minister of State for Energy Affairs HE Saad Sherida Al Kaabi on Tuesday met with European Union’s Commissioner for Energy Kadri Simson for a discussion on bilateral cooperation in the energy field.
During the meeting, which was held virtually, Kaabi reaffirmed that “Qatar stands ready to support our partners around the world in times of need.” As the largest LNG producer in the world, the Minister expressed “pride to have never missed a single cargo delivery for the last 25 years to all our partners around the world.”
Kaabi stressed that “keeping our contractual word is sacrosanct in Qatar, and therefore we have the full trust of our global commercial partners and buyers.”
He expressed hope that tensions in Europe can be resolved diplomatically, so that all suppliers can work together to ensure energy security for the short and long terms.
“The volume of gas needed by the EU cannot be replaced by anyone unilaterally, without disturbing supplies to other regions around the world. Europe’s energy security requires a collective effort from many parties,” he said.
Discussions also covered various aspects of the global gas industry. Kaabi noted that “the world oil and gas sector has been under-invested for the last few years, and that growing demand for cleaner, safer, and more reliable baseload energy means we all need to increase investment in the gas sector to make sure supply will be available and prices stay reasonable.”