QAC launches Fuso Japanese Canter Euro 5 Truck and 37-seater BA Bus

Qatar Automobiles Company (QAC), the authorised general distributor of Fuso buses and trucks in Qatar, on Tuesday launched the latest Fuso Japanese Canter Euro 5 truck range and the all-new 37-seater BA Bus, which combine exceptional performance, durability and reliability in addition to ensuring multitasking and being highly economical.
The launch ceremony was held at the iconic Museum of Islamic in Doha, and attended by QAC General Manager Frank Zauner, General Sales Manager Haitham Ebef and Marketing Manager Karim Monier, in addition to representatives from Daimler Commercial Vehicles MENA, including Head of Product and Bodybuilder Management Amarnath S and Regional Sales Manager Anuj Tyagi.
The colourful ceremony kicked off with fascinating performances and welcome speeches followed by the reveal of the Canter Euro 5 truck range which comes for the first time to Qatar, and the all-new BA Bus. Qatar Automobiles Company said the two vehicles will have the longest warranty period in their categories at five years or 200,000 km, enhancing its leading position in the light truck and bus segments.
QAC, in a statement, said, “We are honoured to launch two distinctive products by Fuso, which is one of the leading manufacturers of light trucks and buses in the world. This is part of NBK group’s strategy and expansion plans to continuously present the latest eco-friendly vehicles that meet the requirements of businesses across all categories. Through the launch of these two commercial vehicles, which will add to the efficiency of businesses, we are proud to contribute to the economic development as outlined by Qatar National Vision 2030.”
Frank Zauner said: “For the first time in Qatar, we are launching the Fuso Canter Euro 5 truck range and the all-new BA Bus with advanced technology and specifications to meet modern-day requirements. We are thrilled to announce the longest five-year warranty in these categories for the first time in Qatar, giving our customers better options for maintenance. In addition, we opened last year a dedicated FUSO service centre to respond to the increasing demand in the market. We will work with our partners to continue the journey of success and enhance our leading position.”
Daimler Commercial Vehicles’ Amarnath S stated: “The launch of the all-new Fuso bus and light truck launched today marks another milestone success for our company in Qatar. We are confident that they will gain the trust of the customers due to their distinguished facilities and specifications. Our event today reflects the long-term relationship between Nasser Bin Khaled Group and Daimler Group that goes back to more than 50 years. The new Japanese Canter Euro 5 truck range, the first of its kind in Qatar, and the all-new BA Buss of 36 seats will perfectly fit the demands of businesses and offer ideal solutions for transport and cargo services.”
Fuso Japanese Canter Euro 5 truck range
The refined cab design of the Fuso Japanese Canter Euro 5 truck range combines rugged strength with meticulous attention to detail. The spacious cabin is loaded with features, and it is equipped with a clean, powerful, fuel-efficient engine along with outstanding safety features and solid reliability. Its body type variations meet every business need and secure smooth driving, and easy to load and unload. The new Canter Euro 5 truck range offers a variety of cabin and wheelbase options to suit for every need of goods transportation.
The right body type for
every job
The Fuso Japanese Canter Euro 5 truck range has a lightweight, durable aluminium body, which is ideal for a wide range of jobs, safe and reliable deliveries regardless of the weather. The other option with a flat body is ideal for ease of loading and unloading, delivery and construction.
The cockpit is equipped with a new meter cluster and in-dash gear shift that offers smooth and effortless shifting. The standard LED cabin lamp for night-time illumination offers greater ease of use when getting in and out at night. It also has an easy-move cabin and wide-opening doors for easy setting in and out.
Spacious and functional Interior
The Fuso Japanese Canter Euro 5 truck range has the most comfortable cabin in the light-duty truck market. It measures 1125mm front to rear, with ample legroom and a high roof making it the most comfortable cabin in the small truck category. Besides, the wide range of adjustable settings for the driver’s seat and seatbelt makes it easy to find the most comfortable driving position. The manually controlled air-conditioning is standard, with both temperature and fan can be finely adjusted to optimize the driving experience.
The engine has more efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and environmental acceptability. The Canter sets a new EURO 5 engine in 2 performance levels 96kw and 110kw with the advanced exhaust emission control system. The intercooler variable geometry turbo’s powerful supercharging effect increases fuel-burning efficiency, reducing both fuel consumption and emissions. The automatically regenerated Diesel Particulate Filter DPF significantly reduces PM & regeneration can be done manually as well. Practicable operations, such as the DPF data, are displayed in the meter panel and prolonged intervals of regeneration.
DUONIC (Automated Manual Transmission) transmission option in select models delivers comfortable driving and simple handling, plus intelligent solutions such as ECO mode for higher efficiency, the crawl function for easier manoeuvring and Hill start assist.
Total safety
In terms of safety, the Fuso Japanese Canter Euro 5 truck range is equipped with a rugged safety Cab. The crossbeams strengthen the cab floor, while safety beams have also been added to the doors. The result is a tough, rugged cab that protects drivers and passengers in the event of a collision. Airbags for driver and front-seat passengers are standard. Other safety features include all wheel disc brakes (except 8.55t GVW & 4×4), ABS + EBD, side door beams and shock-absorbing steering. In the event of an accident, the steering column and wheel deform to minimize driver injuries. For safer, more comfortable driving at night, bright, twin-bulb, adjustable-angle halogen headlamps are standard.
Enhanced reliability for longer use
The high-performance suspension system delivers comfort and easy driving regardless of the load. The cab-tilt feature’s larger angle ensures easy access to the engine for inspection and maintenance.
The Fuso BA bus
The Fuso BA bus seats 35 passengers + 1 driver + 1 co-driver which is one of the best in class seating capacity in this segment and is designed to match local demand for student and employee transportation. The application of an existing model allowed for the speedy commercialisation of the vehicle for a market with strong growth in urban development and industrialisation. The bus is installed with the economical 3.9-litre 4-cylinder engine that complies with Euro 5 emission norms, whilst all seats are equipped with fire-retardant upholstery and 3-point seatbelts for increased safety. A roof hatch also enables emergency ventilation or evacuation, providing another level of assurance during commutes. To match extreme summer conditions, the BA also comes standard with a high-capacity air conditioner.