PHCC cancels all vacations for employees

The Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC) has decided to cancel all vacations until further notice, and asked those outside of the country to return to work immediately.

In a circular issued on Monday, the PHCC said, “As per the ongoing assessment of coronavirus and its spread around the world and to ensure that Qatar public health risks are properly addressed, and that we are able to function at full capacity, being ready to respond to any situation that may occur, it has been decided to cancel all (current and future-dated) leaves of employees who fall under the following categories: Employees of medical, nursing , laboratory, radiology, pharmacy, and clinical support departments; Employees of facilities that has direct impact on COVID-19 tasks.”

According to the circular, all employees of the above-mentioned categories who are currently on vacation (whether inside or outside Qatar), must return to work immediately.

The PHCC also decided to suspend all types of leave until further notice, and this decision will be reviewed periodically by the corporation’s management.