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Garden Design

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Address:Hawally, Tunis Street, Sadiq Roundabout, City Star Building 7 Floor Office 127

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Garden Design has been providing customized services to our clients, earning us the reputation of one of Kuwait’s premier residential and commercial landscape companies. As a full-service landscape company, Garden Design provides a complete solution for all landscaping requirements with unrivaled expertise in all areas of landscaping, including design, construction, maintenance, irrigation, pathways, engineered timber and metal elements, and outdoor seating and kitchens for residential and commercial clients. As each client has different taste and needs, all of our designs are customized to create alluring landscapes that complement each and every taste.

No matter what type of landscape service or design, Garden Design’s experienced and competent workforce provides our clients with premium landscaping services at economical prices, holding true to our values of Honesty, Loyalty, Quality, Professionalism and Customer Satisfaction.

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