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Bothar Boring & Tunnelling

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Tel:00965-22251311 Fax: 00965-22251312
Address:Al Shaymaa Tower, Omar Bin Al Khattab Street Murgab Area, 3rd Floor Kuwait

About Contractor (Company)

Bothar Group of Companies (‘Group’) is an international subsurface engineering solutions provider with 30 years of cutting edge experience in the tunnelling contracting industry. The Group comprises of three separate organisations – Bothar Boring & Tunnelling, Coleman Microtunnelling and Bothar Inc.

Within the tunnelling contracting industry, the Group has an enviable track record, a minimal environmental footprint and a highly skilled and diverse capability range. Offerings include shaft construction, microtunnelling, TBM, Auger Boring, Direct Pipe®, HDD, Bothar Crane Hire and Bothar Built tunnelling machines.

The Group has offices in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Singapore, Qatar, Dubai, Kuwait, South Africa, UK and Ireland and Ghana, with the capabilities of expansion into other geographical areas.

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