KPMG launches 1st edition of strategy report ‘Asasiyat’

KPMG in Qatar has launched the inaugural edition of its strategy report titled “Asasiyat” – KPMG Strategy Insight Series. KPMG said the report was a “Thought Leadership” publication focusing on growth, diversification, corporate and turnaround strategy, developed for board members, senior management team of corporates and mid-to-large sized business groups. A sound strategy forms the foundation and is the basic (Asasiyat) factor that any organization must get it right to achieve success.
The purpose of this publication is to provide practical and executable concepts, insights, and methodologies for a developing a purpose driven business strategy. Such a business strategy is paramount for the success and sustainability of any organization, especially in times of uncertainty, rapidly changing market dynamics and advancement in technology. It is therefore critical for businesses to invest in developing their strategy to achieve its medium to long-term objectives, while navigating any uncertainties and risks.
A robust and purpose-fit strategy is at the core of every successful business. Qatar-based Advisory Partner, Venkatesh Krishnaswamy stated, “Business strategy can include one or multiple objectives such as growth, diversification, sustainable profits, turnaround, overcoming technological, regulatory challenges, compliance with ESG leading practices, etc. Strategic decisions have long term impact on any organization and hence need ownership from senior leadership and all departments working in close cooperation with a sense of purpose.”
A strategy formulation exercise needs to focus on several critical aspects to be successful in achieving organizational vision, mission, and objectives. Adhishree Jakali, Associate Director in Advisory shares his view on the strategy formulation approach by saying: “A clear understanding of where the organization stands today, what it seeks to be in the future given the external environment is critical for strategy development. Long-term sustainable growth is challenged by factors such as rising stakeholder focus on value creation, innovation by competition, technological disruptions, and compliance with evolving regulations.”
A methodical approach is key to have realistic view of what a strategy can achieve. Ronald Dias, Manager in Advisory explains his thoughts by saying – “A successful strategy begins with a meticulous diagnosis of the firm’s internal and external environment to help arrive at well-defined recommendations and a roadmap for sustainable growth. An effective strategy needs to carefully evaluate the constantly evolving business environment and be prepared for the possible changes that may impact business and
This thought leadership highlights KPMG’s local and global strengths on strategy formulation and highlights KPMG Global Strategy Group’s presence and capabilities.
KPMG’s local experienced strategy specialists, supported by its global network, understand the importance of a robust business strategy, and will guide your organization through all aspects of your strategy process – supporting you to meet your business aspirations.