Katara to renovate iconic Pigeon Towers

The iconic Pigeon Towers at the the Cultural Village Foundation — Katara will be demolished on Wednesday, February 16. It will be reconstructed as per higher engineering standards, a senior official has said.
“The Pigeon Towers will be demolished at dawn on Wednesday, February 16, to renovate it as per higher engineering standards,” Dr Khalid Ibrahim Al Sulaiti, General Manager of Katara Cultural Village, tweeted on Sunday.
In response to a question about the appearance of the towers after their reconstruction on Twitter, Dr Al Sulaiti assured that the same shape will be maintained.
“Of course, the same shape 100 percent and with higher standards, as is the case with the towers in the northern area of Katara, where they were demolished and rebuilt as in the picture,” he added.
There are three pigeon towers in the Katara complex — one near the mosque and two towers on the eastern side, next to the sea.
The Pigeon Tower near the mosque is one of the most recognised and photographed sites at the Katara Cultural Village. Its picture has also come to represent and symbolise Katara in most publications inside and outside the country.