Favourable FDI policies help Qatar overcome recent economic challenges, says QSQBC report

US-Qatar Business Council (USQBC) has released a new report on Qatar’s foreign direct investment (FDI) environment titled, “Foreign Direct Investment in Qatar: Recent Developments and Opportunities”.
The report includes key indicators, important initiatives, and the important role that US companies have played in attracting additional investors to the country.
The report was sponsored by Qatar National Bank (QNB), a USQBC member, at the Gold Level. It also includes a comprehensive review of Qatar’s legal environment provided by Al Sulaiti Law Firm, a partner of USBQC.
The report finds that Qatar has been able to successfully overcome many recent economic challenges including the Covid-19 pandemic and the Gulf dispute by instituting favourable FDI policies, launching key initiatives, and enacting new investor-friendly legislation to attract additional investment in the country’s pursuit of creating a knowledge-based, diversified economy.
“Qatar is a magnet for foreign direct investment,” said Mohammed Barakat, Managing Director of USQBC. “The US continues to be Qatar’s largest foreign direct investor with a total of $110.6 billion in FDI, and we expect this number to only increase going forward.”
FDI flows into Qatar have been on an upward trend thanks to the country’s political stability, high quality infrastructure, stable currency, and low corporate tax rates which will have a direct impact on the country’s GDP. Given the country’s current trajectory and the continuous pro-business reforms, Qatar’s GDP is projected to increase from $161 billion in 2021 to $201 billion in 2025.
“Qatar is one of the leading investment destinations in the world,” said Sheikha Mayes bint Hamad Al-Thani, Managing Director of USQBC Doha Office. “The localized investment related entities are well equipped with attractive incentives and infrastructure to support incoming foreign investors.”
The US and Qatar’s commercial relationship has continued to flourish with the total economic relationship between the two countries exceeding $200 billion. The United States is Qatar’s single-largest foreign investor with 850+ US companies operating in Qatar and is also the country’s largest trading partner.
Many key initiatives of Qatar will lead to greater economic growth and will have ripple effects throughout the economy including the North Field Expansion project which is set to increase LNG production by 43% in its first phase, the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 which has more $200 billion in associated infrastructure projects, and the Asia Games 2030.
While many sectors represent attractive investment opportunities, some of the high-priority areas include education & research, smart cities, financial technology, sports, agriculture, construction and engineering, and oil and gas.