Coasts and Borders Security celebrates conclusion of 2021 training courses

The General Directorate of the Coasts and Borders Security at the Ministry of Interior celebrated concluding its 2021 training courses within the plan of the directorate’s naval training center.
During the ceremony, participants of several courses have graduated, including 21 of the trainees who participated in the officers’ foundation driving course no. 13 for a period of five weeks, as the course aimed at theoretical qualification and practical training on the basic rules and principles of day and night diving.
The training courses included first aid no. 31 course, which aimed at enabling the course participants (25 trainees) to provide first aid in urgent cases and injuries, in addition to the first joint cruiser commander course that aimed at qualification and practical training on the basic principles and rules of commanding cruisers and obtaining the authority to command a naval unit, in which nine trainees have participated for a period of five weeks.
The graduation ceremony also included various courses that contributed to raising the efficiency and capabilities of their participants, which included coastal patrols course no. 2, anti-narcotics and maritime inspection course no. 4, as well as the maritime trainer course no. 2, with the aim of preparing a generation of maritime trainers at the highest level of competence and ability to train and provide expertise.