Al Darwish Jewellery hogs limelight with new collection

Qatar’s most trusted jewellery brand Al Darwish Jewellery, which opened a first-of-its-kind jewellery showroom in Doha in June last year, has emerged as one of the most prominent jewellery showrooms in Qatar over the last ten months.
The showroom, which houses over 12 jewellery brands from Turkey, India and European countries, has launched a new and exclusive collection of jewellery pieces recently to attract more customers from the local market.
Abdallah Jassim Al Darwish, the owner of the showroom, is quite optimistic that the new collections will take forward the showroom’s idea of providing a versatile collection of jewellery inspired by different cultures and regions under one roof.
Talking to Qatar Tribune about the guidance Al Darwish Jewellery gives to its partners before adding new collections to their respective outlets, Abdallah said, “Our guidance, first of all, is to consider the economic circumstances that we are living in so that quality jewellery items are offered to customers at competitive prices. To make sure that the usage of stones and diamonds is reliable and certified as much as possible so that we assure the clients about the quality of products. Another guidance is to try to be original and do not copy.”
While we cannot put more control on that, he said, “We do receive positive reactions from the outlet owners that is reflected in the new collections being displayed at the showrooms.”
About the response from the local market in the first ten months of the showroom, Abdallah said, “So far it has worked very well as we were able to sustain the prices that we started offering to people here. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic and the related restrictions, the summer when we started last year, we did pretty well. We learnt a lot, we learnt how to operate in the time of crisis, how to adjust, how to overcome issues related to shipping and clearance of items.”
He added, “Now we have another challenge which is increase in the prices of the material. We are trying to work around it.”
Talking about the benefits of having the physical presence of different jewellery brands through the showroom in Qatar, he said, “Almost 60 percent of the outlets that are here do not have outlets anywhere in the world. The remaining used to be wholesalers without retail outlets in Qatar. Now all of them have an outlet. It’s a new experience for them and for us as well. Earlier, they had a huge and challenging responsibility to market their new products by participating in exhibitions only. Now they have a place to display their goods in Qatar. So far, they have received very good responses from the local market.”
Asked if Al Darwish Jewellery has plans to open a showroom in any of the malls in Qatar to attract more customers, he said, “Maybe down the line, yes. We might go for a smaller facility at some of the malls in the future. Just a place for people to reach out to us and then bring them to the main showroom.”
About preparations for the upcoming FIFA World Cup, he said, “We will come up with a few designs to celebrate the mega event but without the usage of the official icon. Other than that, we will try to make ourselves easily accessible to the foreign visitors and fans during the tournament.”
While we have a very good combination of 12 partners from countries like India, Turkey, Italy and France, he said, “Down the line, we will try to get more partners. We have had very good relations with most of the partners that we have currently. That’s how we started. But down the line, through these experiences, we will try to expand to other regions or sources of origin so that we complement what we have currently.”
About promoting “Made in Qatar’ jewellery at the showroom, he said, “We have always supported the Qatari designers to come up with their collections and showcase them at our showroom. We will continue to encourage the new local designers. We want them to be involved with us.”
He concluded, “I think there is a variety scattered to all kinds of tastes at our showroom. Our plan is to maintain the sustainability, maybe growth down the lines with a proper economic situation.”