AAB introduces Lexus Connect Service in Qatar to offer enhanced convenience, comfort and safety

Abdullah Abdulghani & Bros. Co. (AAB), the distributor for Lexus Brand in Qatar, and Toyota Motor Corporation announced today the launch of Lexus Connected Service in Qatar, in collaboration with KDDI Asia Pacific Pte Ltd and Ooredoo Qatar. The industry-leading connected-car solution enables vehicles to connect with smartphones through the Lexus app and provides a more convenient and comfortable and safer driving experience.
Lexus Connected Service lets owners enjoy many features in their vehicle remotely from the comfort of their home or on the go with a few simple taps on the app. Delivering the ultimate convenience, the service allows them to view the dashboard remotely to check the statistical driving data as well as their trip history to understand their driving behavior for ensuring enhanced safety in the future. They can also check the fuel level to make sure that there is enough fuel for the upcoming trip and no need to stop at the petrol station, thereby saving time and indulging in carefree driving.
With its remote climate control feature, they can preset the interior air conditioning before entering the vehicle, though specifications and their availability may differ by vehicle model. Similarly, finding the car is easier now with the new solution as it will show on the map the exact location of the vehicle in addition to allowing the owner to switch on the hazard lights and honk the horn via the Lexus app. Furthermore, it allows locking vehicle doors, closing windows and starting the engine remotely.
Customers enjoy complete peace of mind as Lexus Connected Service alerts the owner in the event that the vehicle senses a theft attempt or odd behavior. The connected-car solution will send push notifications or emails to the owner’s smartphone following which the vehicle’s status and information can be checked remotely.
In addition, the Lexus “e-Care” vehicle condition monitoring service will further improve peace of mind by providing Vehicle Malfunction Alert based on vehicle data. Moreover, customers will be provided round-the-clock assistance anywhere in Qatar, with the driver getting the contact information of the dealer in case of a warning notification with just a tap on the Lexus Connect app.
Commenting on the announcement, Firas Mufti – Senior Marketing Manager, said: “We are excited to launch our Lexus Connect Service in Qatar as part of our endeavors to provide new, convenient and personalized experiences to our customers while delivering on our commitment of continual improvement to safety. The introduction of connected vehicles is a vital step towards crafting Amazing Experiences that are uniquely Lexus.”
Lexus owners can start using Lexus Connected Service by asking the AAB staff to help register and launch the subscription of the service. Alternatively, you can download the app from App Store or Google Play and activate it yourself. Lexus Connect Service and Benefit depends on the model.